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I have an error saying Invalid Value can you help me please ?

The game is in black screen... i can only hear the audio

Do you get that issue every time you run it? Do you have any extra info that might help me diagnose that problem?

I am unable to play either Consensual Love , or No Bones Jones. I don't have any errors , it just doesn't start. And I did installed both required installations on the FAQ. I have been having this issue for quite a long time , but no answers came out . Is there a fix for this now ? Also a while back I was able to play Consensual Love . But not anymore.


We currently have no idea what the 'doesn't start at all' bug is caused by, but we have a plan in the future to debug and fix it. That's interesting that it used to work for you though, perhaps showing that one of the more recent patch fixes somehow created the issue. I'm sorry that it's still not working for you- when we figure out the whole 'not running at all' issue I will make sure to include it explicitly in the patch notes.

Graphics Info: Vendor[Intel] Renderer:[Intel(R) UHD Graphics 620] Version:[4.6.0 - Build] Shading Language Version[4.60 - Build]


The game keeps crashing at random intervals, but I don't get an error message, what should I do

We didn't have much in terms of debugging in this old version, if you have the same issues playing 'No Bones Jones' then I could only say to wait for future updates. Real sry

having some System Error issues here, "The code execution cannot proceed because X#DAudio1_7.dll was not found." Any idea how to help this?

Try downloading the DirectX Redistributables. There's a link in the FAQ on this page for them.

Thanks, that is one problem fixed, now I just have an issue with the screen going black. Is there a remedy for this?

Maybe check to see if 'The Traigc Tale of No Bones Jones" (another CLIAD minigame) works for you? I think that the black screen bug was fixed in the newer iterations of the engine and if that's the case it should work in that. If it DOES I might need to include the blackscreen fix to this version as well.

NBJ doesn't go black, but it keeps crashing for whatever reason.

Any recommendations?

Is there a “related games” or “similar games” button on jour phone??? Please

yea on the bottom right there should be a "Related" button that looks like travel map


The game doesn't open when I try to open it. Doesn't open at all I mean

Graphics Info: Vendor[Intel] Renderer:[Intel(R) HD Graphics 400] Version:[4.4.0 - Build] Shading Language Version[4.40 - Build]


That's a build we're somewhat aware of and trying to make a working version for. SORRY and thanks for taking the time to post ur details

not an expert of course, but running the program returns a segmentation error, which from what i know is when you try to open a file on read/write at the same time, which is prohibited by most processors, and is bad form anyways. it could also be trying to access a variable thats prohibited by the hardware for whatever reason. good luck, hope you fix it.

that's useful debug info- by design the read/writing should be super separate but i wouldnt be surprised now if theres something fucked up about it. Thanks!

no problem

This game is great, or what little I can play of it. It CTDs with no error at completely random times, both in windowed and non-windowed fullscreen.

When i start the game, the screen just goes black. I can hear the music but i can't see anything.  How do i fix this? This happens in both windowed and fullscreen, btw.

oh shit, i think we fixed the black screen bug but its not in that version of CLIAD. sorry


this game has everything I hoped for and more <3

the humor is on point, and so is that goblin, fuck!





The game won't launch for me for some reason! I click launch and it changedmy "last played" time but the game never actually opens. I tried reinstalling but it didn't help.


same, i really wanna play this

Same issue unfortuantely, I'd be glad to provide debug info, but it never even launches aside from changing the last played time.


We're going to try to create a debug 'dump' to help with figuring out these issues soon. Will let you know! sry it doesnt work for you right now tho

just updated windows with the security update from august 13th it opened for the first time today. I'll be back after i've played it i've wanted to give it ago for awhile now but it never opened before.


Gotta say, I just logged in to comment here, I downloaded this a few days ago and wasn't expecting much, but damn this was so fucking entertaining and hilarious, the lewd art could use some polishing but other than that, well made game, and I can't wait to see what you add next.

Whoaa thankss! glad u like

I start the game and the screen just goes black, but I can hear the game music. Please how do I fix this

Oh and it also doesn't close unless I restart my laptop

Hey, was this in the fullscreen version? Does the windowed version work? I think I might know your issue but I don't think I can patch the old version.

it's the same in both versions thanks for the reply btw

I tried to run it on my laptop but  it showed GL ERROR


 Please how do I fix this

still doesn't work :c

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Im experiencng an issue, in which the game window cuts off certain parts of the game in widowed mode, and the game is too large in fullscreen. I've seen the less appropriate comments talking about this, but I was wondering if there may be a quick fix to this issue that you have found, or if it is currently unfixable at this time.

Thank you for your time,


Edit: I run it on Windows 10 if that helps

We have fixed the fullscreen issue but the crashes are in the air currently. We're trying to fix them but some of them are kind of hard to pin down. The next release should have the fullscreen fixes and some compatibility issues. I apologize that the current version isn't working for you though. SRY

It's absolutely fine, thank you. Frankly i'm just hoping to get the full experience soon and help out with bug reports once the game becomes playable on my platform so i can give a legit review. Thank you for getting back to me with a bit of info rather than just the "wait for the latest update" shiz that some devs force feed us when we have issues .

Have A Good Day/Night!



you clearly all put a lot of work into it, so why not actually make sure it was compatible before slapping up your half finished turd and beaming at us?

(1 edit) (+3)

It doesn't work on some systems and we're currently not capable of testing on them yet due to what we have available to us. This is also a game jam entry. Srry the game didn't work for you


game doesn't start at all


Same issue on both the launcher and downloaded ver.


Will this be available for Mac as well? It looks cool!

THX -=- once i get my hand on a MAC to build it on

I run the game and only a black screen

We're aware of that bug atm. I think that happens under certain conditions but rerunning it can cause it to boot up normally? I HOPE


Can't launch it at all :/

I cant even get it to start. i push launch to open the game, tried both the options for full screen and non fullscreen and it says "running" then nothing happens like i never did anything to start with 

We're somewhat aware of that problem for (mostly?) Intel (HD) cards I think. I'm sorry it's not working for you, friendo. We're hoping to fix that problem after the next update if we can get our hands on a similar system. SRY


well there be updates to increase the stability of the game, it likes to crash at random times...

fuck, we're going to try

I have an idea of the current rando-crash, I just need some time to work it out


ok, thank you!

and dont worry about rushing it out! no point in having to do a job multiple items when you can get it done right the first time!
take as much tie as you like, just keep us up to date on stuff, and thank you again for replying to me.

Have a nice day everyone!

Is there a play on browser version?

Nop, sorry friend.

Hello! I changed my one core Intel Pentium 4 to a two core Intel Pentium D, and the game stopped to crash. Maybe this info will be useful to you.


i have an issue with it crashing withen five minutes


Love what I saw but it is veeeery unstable. Here's some info:

Graphics Info: Vendor[Intel] Renderer:[Intel(R) HD Graphics 4400] Version:[4.3.0 - Build] Shading Language Version[4.30 - Build]

Consensual Love.exe - Application Error

The instruction at 0x00000000011CC8CF referenced memory at 0x0000000000000004. The memory could not be read.

Checked other comments and it looks like a problem specific to Intel cards. Hope you guys figure out a fix because I'd love to see the rest of the game!

We're going to work on some debug fixes in the future so this info is helpful. Thanks for your interest, friendo.

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The game wont even launch for me for some reason


I click on start, says that its running, then nothing happens...

Some people have had a similar issue and if you're not getting the "missing dll" error then I'm not quite sure what will fix it yet. We're working on compatibility updates soon so I hope we can fix it for you and others as soon as we can. Sry friend

Thanks for the repl

Btw, if i send you my system info would that help?

Yeah yea ye, send them over

The basic info:

Processor : Intel Core i7 2.20GHz

8 GB Ram

Windows 10(64 bit)

Thanks, friend.

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The game launches and works perfectly, but after some time it just crashes. (God damn it.) And a  error message appears. Not a game message, but a system message saying "the program has stopped working".

Please fix it.


Graphics Info: Vendor[NVIDIA Corporation] Renderer:[GeForce GT 430/PCIe/SSE2] Version:[4.5.0 NVIDIA 378.92] Shading Language Version[4.50 NVIDIA]

Thanks for the info, friend. I'll look into it

the game wont even start for some reason, cant help with the system specs only that i have an AMD Radeon and Windows 10

Does it open a black window and close itself? Does an error message pop up after launching?

Sorry for the late reply

It opens a black screen, but doesnt close itself

Is this  game just broken? it wont even launch

Not working for some systems currently. Hoping to fix in them in the future. If you'd like to share the error you got/ your system specs it can help me in fixin things. Sorry it's not working for you tho

It keeps crashing about 1 minute into playing

Graphics Info: Vendor[Intel] Renderer:[Intel(R) HD Graphics] Version:[4.0.0 - Build] Shading Language Version[4.00 - Build]

Thanks for the details~ It's a consistent issue with that specific vendor. For your sanity, I'd wait until we have a more stable version for it. Sorry. 

Ok! Thanks for replying so fast I appreciate it.


Will there be a version you can play with a mouse?

Yeah! The next version can be entirely played with a mouse


Sweet! I feel like all porn games should be playable with one hand.


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Whenever i try to load it up it just stays at a black screen help

OS Windows 10

Graphics Card Details

Card name: Intel(R) HD Graphics
        Manufacturer: Intel Corporation
           Chip type: Intel(R) HD Graphics Family
            DAC type: Internal
         Device Type: Full Device (POST)
          Device Key: Enum\PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_0102&SUBSYS_05891025&REV_09
 Device Problem Code: No Problem
 Driver Problem Code: Unknown
      Display Memory: 1664 MB
    Dedicated Memory: 32 MB
       Shared Memory: 1632 MB
        Current Mode: 1600 x 900 (32 bit) (60Hz)
         HDR Support: Not Supported


YO. Thanks for the infos.

A few buddies are dealing with similar issues with that specific line- and we're working on making a fix for them as soon as we can. Sorry you can't play at the moment. You can try running the game in Windows8 Compatibility mode, but if that doesn't work you might have to wait for the patchfix. SORRY

thanks for working on it. I'll try windows 8.

didn't work

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