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Gem of Darkness Chapter 1 is officially released



You are a Holy White Knight thrown into a world of true Lewdity. Make your way through this dungeon and earn your TITLE!

Game has numerous endings and lots of role playing, so you can live out your nerd fantasies and be as socially awkward as you'd like.


Chap 2 coming SOON


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  • 0.1.3 changelog: one attempt at a fix
    • attempt bug fix: black screen on startup with audio
  • 0.1.2 changelog: small fixes
    • bug fix: opening game does literally nothing
    • bug fix: window resolution in fullscreen fucked up and window offset from center
    • attempt bug fix: black screen on startup with audio
    • 'CLIAD _0.1.1' changed to 'CLIAD_0.1.2'
  • 0.1.1 changelog: GoD Chap1 Release
    • The original version of CLIAD has been relabeled to CLASSIC
    • Cum shine missing texture fixed
    • Overlapping sounds fixed
    • Some sound levels balanced
    • Replay interactions improperly resetting fixed
    • Crash reports generated in game files now



  • Window size is too large, what do?
    • Inside the root you should find a file named "game.config". You can change your window settings here. You can open this file in any standard text editor. You want to set the 'Screen Mode' to Default and the 'Window Size' to your monitor's settings. Do not modify the 'Window Resolution'.
  • Game doesn't work for me/Game crashes on startup- how do I help the development of this game by generously providing my graphics card info and operating system?
    • If the game runs for you (opens and crashes, for example), then your graphics card info should already by copied into your clipboard. You can send us this info simply by pasting in any text field. Include this with your operating system and whatever debug comments and it'd be hella helpful. You can DM this info on twitter or leave a comment here on itch.
  • Missing VCRUNTIME140.dll?
    • This means you are missing some necessary Windows Redistributables. You will need the x86 version. Download them here.
  • Missing XAPOFX1_5.dll or X3DAudio1_7.dl?
    • This means you are missing some necessary DirectX Redistributables. You will need the x86 version. Download them here.


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This game is so SLOWWWWWWW, from the startup scene to the walking to the multiple minute long jacking off scenes. my god theres NOTHING to speed anything up. Not to mention I didnt get to do literally anything with her ass as was suggested. The windowed mode isnt centered properly with no way to fix it and its WAY laggier than fullscreen. Also pressing escape immediately closes the game. ALSO throughout the whole thing (up till the absurdly drawn out jacking off scenes) I literally dont know if I'm supposed to click, pull, press a button, NOTHING is labeled or explained technical wise. The writings funny and the art style is minorly charming though.


 thanx for the feedback!! for the speed: if ur talking about like just the pacing, i` agree. I'm trying to add some save states to the next version which will hopefully help with that some, considering some people like to try different options. for the window issue: the windowed mode should be like a standard windows™™ window so, like, if you try to drag it by the sides it should dynamically resize, but the game is a shit so it might be a bug too. for the gameplay explanations: i can def add more visual cues, feedback helps a lot with knowing what isnt obvious from a non-dev standpoint==

I have found a bug I can't click blow where is say "click there continue" because there is a some kind of barrier that I can't get through, can u please fix it

Try changing your screen size in the config file.

Any ideas why this game uses 100% of my GPU?

yea so well like that's probably gotta be just y'know an issue with the uh, er, well the optimization of the, er, game. some gfx card configurations have specific optimizations in place but a lot of them don't, and i wouldn't be surprised if it tries to run and render way more frames than it needs for ur unfortunate little gfx card. i'm gonna try to add some compatibility options in the future to help with that kinda thing in the future. sorry!

Hey no need to apologise! I'm running a Radeon Vega 8 in a laptop so I wouldn't usually be surprised if it used up a bunch of power, but this little dude can run most games from 2015 decently. I've tested the game on a much more capable Nvidia card and it uses around 400mb of VRAM. Could be some extraneous processes running in the background of the game? Thanks for your reply :D

any fix for a black start-up screen that plays a cute noise every time I click?

not yet :( . I have a fix that i hope will help that im adding to the next update tho

Hi! love the game, the writing is so charming and delightful! I'm running into an issue where the needed inputs aren't clear.

I'm not sure if it's user error- or a bug so I figured I'd leave a comment and see! I'd really love to see the game to completion! it's a delight.

My issue is when the goblin gal asks you to remove her clothes- neither mouse nor keyboard inputs do anything to remove the pants. Would love some input on what is the intended input so I can try again.



so, for that scene u have to place ur cursor near the bottom center of screen which will grab control of a skele hand which u can then use to pull her loin off. just tested it a bit and it has some hard times capturing the skelehand sometimes if the game is running slowly? or if the positioning of your window prevents your mouse from going super low on the window of the game.

let me kno if that helps, if it doesntt i can see if i make it work better in the nexx one!!


hello, will there be dorse content in the next version?


mikethemilkman,, dorse


I really appreciate how funny this is.


maybe you should mention that its just a bunch of futa? would have saved myself all that trouble getting it to run if i knew its this half gay porn.


should've checked the tags


fair enough, thats on me.

excue me being an absolute idiot

(3 edits) (+1)(-1)

"Coudn't find game.config in: game.Config"

I've downloaded it via browser and unzipped it twice thinking something went wrong while unzipping the first time. i can also confirm that game.config, infact, exists.

Classic starts, but it gets stuck on the title (or loading? it has the title and the credits.) screen. there are no buttons to click.

EDIT: found the issue. one of my folders had the german letter "Ö" in it which the code didnt understand

black screen still no fix huh

not yetT, dear anonymooseoverlord. sry

i think it might have somrthing to do with game data and something not loading right idk in debug mode it mentions not loading something and also mentions missing game data

that makes sense, did the game generate a .dmp file in ur folder root? if u could send that to me i can check into it more

ill have to check lemme see

(1 edit)

ok i found it

How do i get help with the constant crashing

is it crashing on startup or like in the middle of the game?


hey darefus got a problem for every app it says couldnt run, can't find game.config in: game.config any idea for helping me?

Try downloading it not through the app, if you can. I think someone had that same issue and it was because the itch.io app version wasn't working, i think. Otherwise, make sure the game is fully unzipped before running the exe. if neither of those work for u, lemme kno

i found it on mega also but nothing to do, tho on this version the app lunch but stop qfter a few seconds

Are creator even alive?



I only see a black screen on start up how doyou fix that

dont think theres a fix to the blackscreen bug yet, sorry. that's one of the bugs i'm working on finding a solution to

(1 edit)

After playing the game again I learned that the classic version of the game has the least bugs and is actually playable, if you haven't already, try to improve on that version of the game instead of the 0.1.3 version. I wish you good luck to that.

Edit: also the game seems to run very slowly, as well as the No Bones Jones game


I've learned I cannot play the game in any mode the game starts up with sound and everything however I get no visuals as my entire screen is just black, The game can progress apparently... that or the sounds repeat when you click on something however I cannot play the game. If you have a solution I would love to be able to try out your game thanks in advance

Alright, so after I get the demons numbers and rest, the screen goes black, I read the game dialogue and then it says, Cecil, Goblin Fucker, the stuttering, The Pickup artist. Indicating that I had died, How did I die? And how,can I avoid it?

hmmmmm, it should continue after that. after the title there should be another sequence, but perhaps it bUggged?

Alright, I'm gonna describe it to you carefully so you can find what to fix. I start the game, say I'm a homeless squater looking to get me dicky sooked, I take the ghost dildo, investigate the "love musk", fuck the goblin (very cute design by the way), I take the potion and then investigate the chanting, I say that I have a desire to have consensual sex with every person I meet, I poor the potion over my dick, and take the demons number. I go to sleep, the screen turns black, then it says my entire name in the game. I think it is a bug as well, since I got past that point before and got a blowie from the spider lady, which afterwords I also died from, I think anyway. Thanks for deciding to read all this if you did, I hope to see more of this game.

ooh, i see. that's definitely a bug- sry bout that. thanks for the full report, i'll definitely test through that path when the rebooted vrs of the original is released. If you haven't, the newer update (Gem of Darkness) has been released on this page, too. ITS GOOD (so far)


The game isn't letting me actually scroll down to click the "click here to continue" option on my laptop, so I can't play.


i think the window size defaults to be pretty large right now (1920x1080), i'll try to have a more dynamic size in the next udpate. in the meanwhile, if you grab the borders of the window you should be able to resize the game window and it should rescale the game down to a more viewable size. hopefully

the game is so laggy

(1 edit) (+1)

wow I feel offended. xD

sooo im gonna leave a "bad Review"..



so like when i boot the game up the screen is black and i can see the top of it at the bottom of my screen did i do something wrong?

weird, i haven't seen that issue before. it's definitely an issue with the game itself and not you, lol. I'll try to test for that issue in the next release.

i mean the game seems awesome but all i get is a black screen and audio


Seconding this bug, but in the updated version. The original still works fine for me but I get black screens in both windowed and fullscreen modes in 0.11. I can hear the game's audio, so I'm assuming that the game is working but the graphics are not displaying properly for some reason. Maybe the start of game fade in from black that was there in the original is not playing?


HEYY~ updated to 0.1.2 and with it i made an attempt to fix this issue! lemme kno if it works for u


I'm afraid that it still looks the same for me. I've tried different types of compatibility modes and settings to no real effect, I don't think there's much I can do on my end.

No Bones Jones which I'm guessing runs on the same engine gives me a GL_INVALID_VALUE error, but otherwise works fine. 

The black screen noises that the updated version makes are different from anything heard in the opening and initial gameplay from the original, so it's possible that it's starting from the wrong scene.

It could also be related to the way the game window works. It used to force a screen resolution change in a way that the new version doesn't seem to do.

0.1.3 still has the same issue. Is there any additional info I can give you that might help diagnose the bug?


so I was working on this issue a bit with someone else and i think it has something to do with the shaders failing to compile. getting the exact information might require a more stepped version of the debug executable. if u want u can dm me on discord and i can try to diagnose it with you (there should be a link on the cliad page). WOULD BE ETERNALLY GRATEFUL 

I’m getting GL_INVALID_OPERATION on all my computers… :C

I'm still trying to figure out a fix for that issue. SORRY

Can you reproduce this bug in your environment? If not - can you provide mentioned debug build so that someone could provide logs? Did you track down know which call makes engine misbehave? Is version available here for download compiled with debug symbols or is it stripped release build?

I have a traced build that would output the crash log, just need to finish it and put it up here as a debug option. Will try to upload that this weekend. Then, I'd be able to simulate the problem on my end- hopefully.

So, when I am trying to play the game, I get a  black screen all I can hear is this chirp that sounds twice once in awhile. I am playing with the x86 dll thingy and I am on a toshiba laptop on windows 10, Any help?

there's no fix for that yet, unfortunately. we have a debug version we're working on that will hopefully diagnose that issue in the future-~ will attach an upload of that version here if I can get it working. Sry it's not working for u

ok, thanks

it wont work, i run it and it just wont pop up


I think it's an error where the game crashes before the window is spawned- I'm trying to work on that issue currently. Sorry it doesn't for you :(

thanks for letting me know what was causing the problem :3

I have an error saying Invalid Value can you help me please ?


I am unable to play either Consensual Love , or No Bones Jones. I don't have any errors , it just doesn't start. And I did installed both required installations on the FAQ. I have been having this issue for quite a long time , but no answers came out . Is there a fix for this now ? Also a while back I was able to play Consensual Love . But not anymore.


We currently have no idea what the 'doesn't start at all' bug is caused by, but we have a plan in the future to debug and fix it. That's interesting that it used to work for you though, perhaps showing that one of the more recent patch fixes somehow created the issue. I'm sorry that it's still not working for you- when we figure out the whole 'not running at all' issue I will make sure to include it explicitly in the patch notes.


The game doesn't open when I try to open it. Doesn't open at all I mean

This game is great, or what little I can play of it. It CTDs with no error at completely random times, both in windowed and non-windowed fullscreen.

When i start the game, the screen just goes black. I can hear the music but i can't see anything.  How do i fix this? This happens in both windowed and fullscreen, btw.

oh shit, i think we fixed the black screen bug but its not in that version of CLIAD. sorry


this game has everything I hoped for and more <3

the humor is on point, and so is that goblin, fuck!


The game won't launch for me for some reason! I click launch and it changedmy "last played" time but the game never actually opens. I tried reinstalling but it didn't help.


same, i really wanna play this

Same issue unfortuantely, I'd be glad to provide debug info, but it never even launches aside from changing the last played time.


We're going to try to create a debug 'dump' to help with figuring out these issues soon. Will let you know! sry it doesnt work for you right now tho

just updated windows with the security update from august 13th it opened for the first time today. I'll be back after i've played it i've wanted to give it ago for awhile now but it never opened before.


Gotta say, I just logged in to comment here, I downloaded this a few days ago and wasn't expecting much, but damn this was so fucking entertaining and hilarious, the lewd art could use some polishing but other than that, well made game, and I can't wait to see what you add next.

Whoaa thankss! glad u like

I start the game and the screen just goes black, but I can hear the game music. Please how do I fix this

Oh and it also doesn't close unless I restart my laptop

Hey, was this in the fullscreen version? Does the windowed version work? I think I might know your issue but I don't think I can patch the old version.

it's the same in both versions thanks for the reply btw

(1 edit)

Im experiencng an issue, in which the game window cuts off certain parts of the game in widowed mode, and the game is too large in fullscreen. I've seen the less appropriate comments talking about this, but I was wondering if there may be a quick fix to this issue that you have found, or if it is currently unfixable at this time.

Thank you for your time,


Edit: I run it on Windows 10 if that helps

We have fixed the fullscreen issue but the crashes are in the air currently. We're trying to fix them but some of them are kind of hard to pin down. The next release should have the fullscreen fixes and some compatibility issues. I apologize that the current version isn't working for you though. SRY

It's absolutely fine, thank you. Frankly i'm just hoping to get the full experience soon and help out with bug reports once the game becomes playable on my platform so i can give a legit review. Thank you for getting back to me with a bit of info rather than just the "wait for the latest update" shiz that some devs force feed us when we have issues .

Have A Good Day/Night!



you clearly all put a lot of work into it, so why not actually make sure it was compatible before slapping up your half finished turd and beaming at us?

(1 edit) (+3)

It doesn't work on some systems and we're currently not capable of testing on them yet due to what we have available to us. This is also a game jam entry. Srry the game didn't work for you


game doesn't start at all


Will this be available for Mac as well? It looks cool!

THX -=- once i get my hand on a MAC to build it on

I run the game and only a black screen

We're aware of that bug atm. I think that happens under certain conditions but rerunning it can cause it to boot up normally? I HOPE


Can't launch it at all :/

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